Remote workforce productivity

2020 has brought dramatic change around the world, but perhaps no change bigger in the workforce sector as employees working from home. While that is not a new concept, plenty of people around the world have worked remotely for years, this year brought dramatic change in this field due to necessity. After a short period of time, employers quickly realized that not only were their employees able to get their work done while they were out of the office, in many cases they were more productive than when they were in the office! 

Now, thousands of employers across the country and around the world are allowing more and more of their employees to work remotely either full time or for a number of days per week. In this new approach to their workforce, employers who had certain amenities at their office to keep their employees productive are realizing that they need to do the same for their employees working outside of the office. While most people have coffee machines in their homes, most may not have the healthy snacks that they had access to in the office to keep them energized and productive. 

Employers are now able to send snack boxes to their employees weekly or even daily. For offices that have employee break rooms with snacks and refreshments, and even those without, employers that send healthy snacks to their employees working from home are seeing their productivity increase even further.  Cumberland Convenience Services can customize snacks boxes to meet any appetite and budget. Our snack and drink selections are picked, packed, and automatically delivered to your employees’ homes, keeping them happy and healthy while away from the office.

If you’d like to learn more about our program for work-from-home employees, let us know! We’d love to learn more about your business and workforce to customize a program that best for you.

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