Markets help keep employees safe, productive and cared for

As employees continue to safely return to work from working from home it is more important than ever to give those essential employees everything they need to thrive and be productive. Depending on the circumstance, employees may have had months of getting accustomed to simply going to the kitchen to get a sandwich, a healthy snack or something to drink. Prior to 2020, consumer trends were already shifting away from traditional vending machines to more healthy products being available through what are known as “markets” in their offices. Now, as we get past COVID-19, these markets are more important than ever to employers who are looking to give their employees the comforts and conveniences they had at home right in the office.

Cumberland Convenience Services is a leading expert in the field of office micro-markets and employee attraction and retention.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, micro-markets are similar to small convenience stores that are setup and maintained directly in an office – only better. Unlike convenience stores, employees don’t have to waste time leaving the office to get there, and unlike traditional vending machines, markets are beautifully crafted and transformed break rooms where employees and customers can browse hundreds of fresh food and beverage selections. Even better, employers don’t have to worry about stocking the market or accepting payment. Cumberland Convenience Services handles not only the construction of the market, but also monitors the inventory wirelessly and is able to accept payment many different ways. 

Markets are also a great way for businesses to reinforce their brand among employees and customers. With Cumberland Convenience Services, businesses are able to name their market with their own unique market name. Markets can come in all sizes as well – from large and fully built-out break rooms to small spaces about the size of a traditional vending machine. 

The best news – markets are no more expensive for employers than traditional vending machines! 

Markets are quickly changing the landscape of office vending and are rapidly being adopted by companies around the world. They are safer, more convenient, and demonstrate a commitment to employees by their employer like no other. If you would like to learn more about how a market could bring value to your business, let us know! We’d love to speak with you

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